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I DON’T WANT TO KNOW MY CUSTOMERS I have heard this statement many times over and over from different people who believe that business is business and knowing your customers intimately can create complications; wrong buddies! Whether you are a freelancer or a salesman selling product from a reputable company; your success largely depends on how good your relationship is with your client. You cannot ignore the fact that a customer is also a person just like you; he can have likes and dislikes, personal preferences and obligations similar to yours. For a freelancer it is very important to create a bond with your customer. Fine as far as the task on hand is concerned; sure you can know all about it and the client will be more than willing to fill you in on all the details. But that is not it is all about. Freelancers act as manufacturers and salesman both. There has to be a symbiotic bond. Photo Credits:  FreelancersElite Graphics Dale Carnegie is a famous writer who has wri

Struggle and Predicament of a low income family

The struggle and Predicament of a low income family The word ‘helpless’ may be familiar to you but have you ever actually ‘felt’ helpless on a daily basis? A low income family is not stranger to that ‘feeling’ for it encounters it almost every single hour of their existence. In my country India; almost 30 percent of the population is plagued by ‘low incomes’ and no matter how hard they strive to make ends meet; they never meet. A Family Photo Credits:  lepetitNicolas It is easy for us to sit and write or talk about the struggles and difficulties faced by a low income family but going through what they go through and experiencing the same hardships is something very few can withstand. The first and foremost need of the human race is the need to feed; a low income family is never sure about its next meal. Normally in such a family there is only bread earner and a dozen hungry mouths to feed. Children of such families suffer from malnutrition. This is of course not true f

Food is one of the essential elements of all marriages in India

Food is one of the essential elements of all marriages in India; obviously other than the religious rituals required to seal the heavenly bond. It is rare to witness wedding ceremonies without dinner or lunch being served; this is true not only for India but also for other various other countries. If you are rich then there is less to worry about but if you are not then you are bound to suffer from sleepless nights; assuming that you are getting married. My concern however is not whether you can afford to serve ‘food’ to your guests at a wedding or not but the fact that in a poor family can we really afford to waste food in marriages. Some people in India go to sleep without food almost every day; the poverty line is deeply embedded in the fabric of the society. There are only 60% families in my country that can happily eat three meals a day and sleep without worrying about the next day. Food wastage in Indian marriages  Marriages in India are generally lengthy and do not