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Meet God within You: The Spiritual Path

Meet God within You: The Spiritual Path There are many facts about religions and cultures; everyone thinks his or her religion is right, which is a good sign. However, what is the point of religion without god? Every religion says that there is only one god, which implies god is one and the only one, as every religion can't be wrong about this. So our main motive should be to remember the one and if we want to meet god, then we only have one single option, the spiritual path. But what is a spiritual path and how do we start it or from where we begin? Begin with yourself! You may have heard this before, but the real fact is that God resides in all of us. We don't know where the God is but he is somewhere in our body; most probably in the heart. A lot of spiritual paths suggest people look inside their own body and feel the god; however, it is not easy, because all we see is darkness when we close our eyes. True? We have to eliminate the darkness! The Spiritual Pat

What is Nature Poem / Nature Poetry

What is Nature Poem / Nature Poetry Nature poem or poetry is an expression of composing poetry that centers principally on anything related to nature, for example; emotions, images, ideas, and a lot of natural concepts. Both poems and poetry are written matters, which is also a form of writing. However, you can't consider a writer as an poet. One needs rhyme and meter to write the appropriate pattern of poetry or a poem. The nature poetry or nature poem is not restricted to the rhyme or meter; Figurative terminology and exclusive kinds of styles can also be accepted gracefully. I am a writer and I don’t know how to write nature poem. However, I can describe what are nature poem/ natural poetry. So as mentioned above, content writing and poem writing are different subjects. Therefore, not every writer can write poetry. Haiku is the most common as well as a typical kind of nature poetry. Haiku poems are usually short and they normally favor natural elements; weather, seas

How Can I Find A Good Guru

How Can I Find A Good Guru How to find a Guru: A guru is an individual that another individual can idolize, and is typically seen as a trusted  adviser  or consultant. He or she is normally a more mature, more knowledgeable person who helps another person in his or her growth, both in personal as well as professional development. Despite the fact that these individuals could be looked for in a wide range of social or expert limits, they are generally discovered in a workplace. Usually, Finding a great guru, is not much difficult as you can find a person in your life who you admire as well as idolize and desire to be like him or her. You can discuss with one of those individuals regarding your situations and this will also enable a good relation with them. The perfect Guru In childhood, siblings act as a guru and builds relationship with younger ones. They teach social as well as academic knowledge, yet this program is risky as the siblings cannot have that much info. Howe

Black Money of India in Swiss Bank

Indian Money in Swiss bank We know how often illegal market operates in the whole world and India is one of the most participative country. Well, this is totally a bad news. I do not quite know how the illegal traders managed to keep their business untraced by the government, but they really have managed to do so. If you want to know more what this type of illegal business is, I am very much willing to share what are the things I know regarding the so called black market, since I believe that the extinguishment of it lies on how knowledgeable the people are.   Black Money Photo Credits : The Hindu What is a Black Money? Black money is the money generated out of the businesses done in a Black Market. It is called a Black Market since the businesses are not legally recognized by the government due to its illegal nature such as drug deal or project hedges. The so-called black money, then, is not remitted any taxes to the government, and this makes it more illegal. The bl

Arvind Kejriwal Biography

Facts about the Life of Arvind Kejriwal The name Arvind Kejriwal has become very famous as he has been a remarkable Indian politician. If you do not know why, you must know these facts about him, and let us start with who he really is as an individual. Here is the simplified Arvind Kejriwal biography that I prepared. Biography of Arvind Kejriwal: Early Life Arvind Kejriwal was born on the 16 th day of August in the year 1968 at Hissar, Haryana – a small Indian town. He lived most of his life in Ghaziabad, a place near Delhi. He finished studying with a degree in B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur in 1989 with the aid of his father, who is also an engineer. Married Life Arvind Kejriwal Marriage Picture Arvind found love and happiness in the person of Sunita and they got married. They had two children later on. Sunita was also an IRS officer, and that is how they totally knew each other deeply. The Arvind Kejriwal biography will surely not be com

Why We Should Vote for Arvind Kejriwal

Why We Should Vote for Arvind Kejriwal Since India’s election for the new Prime Minister is getting near, it would be appropriate now to talk about the candidate who most likely, has a great chance of winning. Let us talk about the one who gave a tingling sound on the political industry recently – Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. You might be thinking that his battle for a transparent government is done, when he was appointed as the chief minister of Delhi; however, it is not. He is aiming for a higher position now and he also aims to change the whole government of India. The question now is, will you vote for Arvind Kejriwal as the new India Prime Minister? Personally, yes, I will definitely! This is because I have cited lots of good things and sufficient reasons why I should give my vote to him. Allow me to enumerate my reasons herein. ·          He is rational. He knows how to balance each situation and weigh what is the best thing to do. He also managed to show how passionat

Arvind Kejriwal Vs Narendra Modi From Varanasi

Arvind Kejriwal Vs Narendra Modi From Varanasi BJP declared that the PM candidate of the party Mr. Modi is going to challenge the latest 2014 Lok Sabha Chunav from Varanasi also referred as Banaras; the city of Ganga banks. Arvind Kejriwal is well on the way to challenge Namo directly in Varanasi, However, it is not yet declared, the Political Affairs Committee of AAP will Declare asap.   Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi Kejriwal states that he hasn't still made the decision to stand against NaMo. Varanasi is prone to see a pie competition between Narendra Modi and Arvind kejriwal. If we go to the past, Murli Manohar Joshi crushed Mukhtar Ansari in 2009 by almost 18000 votes. We'll see what will happen this time, No matter what, the upcoming elections are going to be very interesting & exciting for all of us. The total number of voters in Banaras or Varanasi are 1,60,9460 of which 90,2969 are men and 70,6410 are women. Varanasi is consists of Muslim voters,

Global Call for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

Global Call for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment: We Can Change Anything Historically, women are discriminated. Back in the times, women are seen as inferior beings to men. Women used to not receive any type of education and are regarded as the ones who should be responsible for household chores and taking care of the children rather than studying on a specialty or be hired by companies to work. Women used to be seen as weaker and less intellectually capable rather than men. This can be seen from the vast difference in the number of women who are known in the academia compared to the number of men. Even at present, this difference can still be seen, though there has been progress from the past years. Various movements for women empowerment has been started and has been participated to globally. Foundations, centers, and organizations that aims to promote gender equality and give women more opportunity to have the same rights and privileges of men have greatly inc

The MERS Attack as a Worldwide Threat

The MERS Attack Various illnesses and diseases have continually threatened the existence of mankind on earth. These are the results of the ever-changing environment that have managed to produce viruses and bacteria that impose health hazards to the human body. One of the more recent illnesses is the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) wherein its first outbreak happened in Jordan. It is more commonly referred as nCoV or novel coronavirus or in other publications, it has come to earn the term Saudi SARS. It was first detected from a sixty year old man who was suffering from acute pneumonia and acute renal failure and is identified as the sixth type of coronavirus that is similar to that of the SARS. This has gained the attention of people worldwide due to the high mortality rate despite a short period of time. Due to this, in 2013, the World Health Organization has called it a threat to the entire world. Its effects are not only felt in the Middle East. Cas