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About me

I am Akhil Sharma, an Indian freelance writer (not the famous one who wrote "Family Life"). I am introvert by nature so there is nothing exciting to incorporate in this section; however, I'll try my best to write interesting content on this blog (I promise I will make it worth your while) . It is a simple blog related to frequently asked questions as well as about sociology and social issues. 
Why I Blog?
I have been writing for Websites and blogs from past 6-7 years, and I think it is a great idea to be a Blogger (creating content for yourself). So here I am, I will post anything related to the world. I'll try to be your wise geek and conclude things in a scintillating manner.  Please feel free to share your views through comments. 

Thanks for hanging in there, guys!
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Personal Details
Name: Akhil Sharma
Age: Twenty Four {24}
DOB: 15 September 1988
Birth place: Delhi, India
City: Delhi, India
Planet: Earth {third planet from Sun}
Species: Human (Homo Sapiens)


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Why is Society important?

Why is Society so important? Why do we care a lot about society? Why we do all the things considering society in mind? What about society irritates us? Why we are judged for every single step we take? Why it is so important? These questions often come in our mind when we are judged by the society. We begin to curse society due to its negative impacts in our lives. Of course, we are the ones who create society and we are crucial members of it as well. Global societies are generally incorporated with different cultures and religions, and it is a fact that a community would look awful with the same type of people; we are not robots. The basic nature of the term "society" is democratic , then why we force cultural expectations in it? I am including relatives also in society, because apart from our neighbors, colleagues, and other people who comes into the circle of social interaction, relatives are also part of it; they are also living under the same socially accepted norms. T

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Theories of development: Modernization theory and dependency There are many development theories; however, we often compare them like "modernization vs dependency theory" instead of understanding them. If we could understand the basic concept of both of these main theories of development, we'll be able to end the skepticism, and likewise compare as well as differentiate them. Let's understand the concept of modernization and dependency. Modernization Theory © Akhil Sharma   |   | All Rights Reserved Modernization Theory Modernization theory is a great concept covering a lot of different exercises to describe and explain how our society develops, what factors affect that development or progress, and how people and cultures can respond to this advancement. Advancement is directly proportional to progress, and progress brings social manner as well as technological accomplishments into a new age. Basically, this theory describes the proce

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What is Nature Poem / Nature Poetry Nature poem or poetry is an expression of composing poetry that centers principally on anything related to nature, for example; emotions, images, ideas, and a lot of natural concepts. Both poems and poetry are written matters, which is also a form of writing. However, you can't consider a writer as an poet. One needs rhyme and meter to write the appropriate pattern of poetry or a poem. The nature poetry or nature poem is not restricted to the rhyme or meter; Figurative terminology and exclusive kinds of styles can also be accepted gracefully. I am a writer and I don’t know how to write nature poem. However, I can describe what are nature poem/ natural poetry. So as mentioned above, content writing and poem writing are different subjects. Therefore, not every writer can write poetry. Haiku is the most common as well as a typical kind of nature poetry. Haiku poems are usually short and they normally favor natural elements; weather, seas