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Kenya Attack: Will it Lead to the End of Humanity?

Kenya Attack: Will it Lead to the End of Humanity? Terror attacks have been hitting Kenya for a few years now due to militant groups who want to pursue the spread of radical Islam across the region. The group who has been doing these attacks aims to do some more high profile attacks in the region in order to draw attention to them and their vision as well as generate headlines. These attacks have resulted in numerous deaths of innocent people. The lives taken during these attacks served as sacrifices for the group’s main aim, which is to establish an Islamist government. These militants, although considered small due to their lack of financial and popular support and incapability to withstand direct fights against African Union Forces yet they are a big threat considering that the bombings are being more common and more lives are being at risk. Al-Shabaab Al-Shabaab directly translates to “Movement of Striving Youth” is a cell based in Somalia of the militant Islamist g

Surrogacy Surge and its Gradual Acceptance in India's Society

Surrogacy Surge and its Gradual Acceptance in India’s Society Surrogacy can become an issue depending on a country’s culture. Some countries may be more accepting of the idea of surrogacy while some tend to shy away from this matter due to their cultural beliefs. Basically, surrogacy means that a woman carries to deliver a child for another couple of another person. There are situations wherein traditional surrogacy occurs wherein the genetic mother is the one that carries and delivers the child and there is also, what we call commercial surrogacy wherein monetary compensation aside from the medical expenses is given to the surrogate. This type of surrogacy tends to meet varying reactions from different countries. Surrogacy in India In countries like India, they used to not be so accepting of surrogacy. However as the years pass by, they eventually tend to be more open to the idea of gestational surrogacy. This means that the surrogate mother helps a couple by “lendi

Impact of Social Media on Kids Below 13

Impact of Social Media on Kids Below Thirteen Kids below 13  Impact of social media Almost everybody we know has his or her social media account. Whether it be in Facebook, in Twitter, in Tumblr or maybe in all. Social media has become more accessible to us, as mobile phones have become more advanced in technology and other gadgets like tablets have become more widely used. It has also become a phenomenon even to the younger generations, even the ones who are not yet in their teens. I know many children who own multiple social media accounts and who are very active in the online world. Photo Credits:  "PictureYouth" Photo Credits:  interrobang Children usually communicate with their friends through social media. They also get to access different sites, photos, forums, and blogs wherein they are able to absorb new information. They also become more exposed to the developing technology in many ways. They become more updated with the happenings around

RIP Made in India

RIP Made in India The Stagnant Industrial Scenario The increase in the net domestic value in the third quarter of the last year remained much lower than the normal statistics. The limited economic expansion has created barely enough employment opportunities for the professionals. The annual number of job openings in the corporate sector is inadequate to absorb the increasingly qualified professionals. With the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce predicting a population explosion in the coming two decades, the circumstances are worsened further. The recession affected economy has resulted in the closing down of several multinationals. To add to the woes, the orthodox labor laws have made the organizations unwilling to hire permanent employees. The made in India tag has been endangered today.   Photo Credits: GranniesKitchen Impact in Other Sectors The limited agricultural growth is incapable of feeding the large population. The total area available for

Imbalanced Nutrition

Imbalanced Nutrition Eating is necessary for us to live. The nutrition found in the food we eat are distributed throughout our body parts in order for it to function properly therefore it is important that we eat a variety of food so we can have all the necessary components for a balanced nutrition. Having a balanced nutrition means that the supply of different types of vitamins, minerals and other substances of our body cells is met. However, some people tend to experience some health complications due to imbalanced nutrition. Raw Guava in my front yard Imbalanced nutrition may be due to either overeating or not enough food in our system. There are people who tend to be meticulous eaters and may lean towards eating only a few certain types of food. This means that only the vitamins present in those foods will be digested by our body and we will be lacking the other vitamins that are not in there. Same goes for under eating. We fail to consume other foods that will give

Something About Steroids

Steroids are Harmful The usual method I know that people use to develop muscles and enhance power is through exercising and partaking in other physical activities. Lifting weights, jogging, push-ups are just some of the specific activities in order to improve health as well as physical characteristics. However, there are some people who choose to use steroids as another way to be muscular and powerful. Steroids, more specifically anabolic steroids, are drugs that are synthetic versions of testosterone. Anabolic steroids should be differentiated from corticosteroids. Both drugs are prescribed by doctors but for different reasons. Whereas corticosteroids are used for swelling and regulating overactive immune responses of the body, anabolic steroids are mainly for people who have delayed puberty or are having problems with their testicular function. Anabolic steroids promote the growth of skeletal muscle as well as other male characteristics that appear during puberty such as


KNOWING YOUR CUSTOMERS –FOR A FREELANCER It is often believed that ‘freelancers’ are king of their own domains. They can do whatever they like and there are no repercussions. This is a wrong notion rooted deeply in the minds of lots of people who are unaware of the pros and cons of the entire freelancer’s world. For every business enterprise it is essential to identify the needs and wants of their potential clients. The products are designed to match those needs and thus companies succeed in maximizing their profits. Being a freelancer is quite similar to being a business enterprise with the exception that you are the ‘worker’ and you are the ‘boss’ both. So if knowing your customer is essential for a business setup than it is equally important for a freelancer too. Knowing Your Customers Now we are all aware that there are different kinds of services that freelancers provide ranging from web designing to content writing. Many promotion activities through social network


HOW TO DEAL WITH POVERTY OR HOW TO STAY AWAY FROM POVERTY I am poor for I believe I am; you may assume I am rich for I may be earning a bit more than you. You have a car and I have a motorbike; my ‘milk man’ has a cycle so he believes he is actually poor and we are both ‘rich’ in his eyes. Poverty is a relative term for many but as far as an economist is concerned any person living below the average income line of the nation may be classified as poor. Since my concern here is not to indulge in a debate as to who is poor and who is not; but address poverty as an issue and suggest some possible ways to deal with poverty. System Admin working as part time Photo credits:  Pragmagraphr For simplicity's sake let us assume that an average man who holds no tangible or intangible assets and earns a daily wage that can barely make ends meet is poor and he needs to know how to deal with ‘Poverty’. If I was writing a research paper to present in the parliament I would have b


MEDICAL MALPRACTICE IN INDIA Fake doctors are a phenomenon that plagues most of South East Asia particularly India, Pakistan and even Bangladesh. The most important underlying reason for such fake doctors is due to the low literacy levels in the country especially in the rural areas. But let us clarify one thing first; medical malpractice does not mean that we are only talking about fake doctors or health practitioners, it also includes those who are ‘genuine’ doctors but do not practice according to the medical norms and conduct fit for a doctor. So what we have in my beautiful country India is both; on one hand we have an abundance and continuous supply of fake doctors, dispensers practicing as professional doctors in rural areas of the country where the writ of the law is weaker and access of media is rare. But this is not the only scenario; we also have doctors who solemnly took the Hippocratic oath, studied medicine for 5 years and even completed their house jobs but then

Something Related To Success

Something Related To Success Someday you'll feel like, you should have done that one thing to get success. Well!! Success is not about doing great things or rejecting other kinds of work; success is all about hard work and determination. If you're in a regular 9 to 5 job and thinking negatively about your success or neglecting your current work, then you may end up with nothing but failure. Do not worry about success and money, just do your hard work and start upgrading yourself to a different level in your own field. Something about human brain ; The human brain is the most advanced (complex too) organ in this world. It has the Power to build dreams with a miraculous mind, it has the power to do anything; so don't underestimate your brain. No!!! I can't help you with this, and I am not sharing success stories as well. I can only motivate you. So here I am with some genuine tips. At first, Do meditation; meditation is a process to shut down our mind for some