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Impact of Social Media on Kids Below 13

Impact of Social Media on Kids Below Thirteen Kids below 13  Impact of social media Almost everybody we know has his or her social media account. Whether it be in Facebook, in Twitter, in Tumblr or maybe in all. Social media has become more accessible to us, as mobile phones have become more advanced in technology and other gadgets like tablets have become more widely used. It has also become a phenomenon even to the younger generations, even the ones who are not yet in their teens. I know many children who own multiple social media accounts and who are very active in the online world. Photo Credits:  "PictureYouth" Photo Credits:  interrobang Children usually communicate with their friends through social media. They also get to access different sites, photos, forums, and blogs wherein they are able to absorb new information. They also become more exposed to the developing technology in many ways. They become more updated with the happenings around

RIP Made in India

RIP Made in India The Stagnant Industrial Scenario The increase in the net domestic value in the third quarter of the last year remained much lower than the normal statistics. The limited economic expansion has created barely enough employment opportunities for the professionals. The annual number of job openings in the corporate sector is inadequate to absorb the increasingly qualified professionals. With the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce predicting a population explosion in the coming two decades, the circumstances are worsened further. The recession affected economy has resulted in the closing down of several multinationals. To add to the woes, the orthodox labor laws have made the organizations unwilling to hire permanent employees. The made in India tag has been endangered today.   Photo Credits: GranniesKitchen Impact in Other Sectors The limited agricultural growth is incapable of feeding the large population. The total area available for