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HUNGER AND ITS CAUSES What is hunger? If you will ask a doctor he may define that hunger is simply a ‘signal’ sent from your body to your mind in order to replenish the energy levels of your body. You may consider it similar to an empty fuel tank of your car which beeps or emits a signal when the fuel levels are below the minimum requirement. But my concern is not hunger of an individual body but the ‘hunger’ as a phenomenon that plagues the Indian society and many others in the world. Photo Credits:    Viktor Hertz Hunger in this particular context refers to the ugly fact that a majority of the population living in any region is unable to have the minimum food that they need to survive. Why hunger exists? This is an interesting question for you will always get varying answers from different people; economists will blame it on GDP or unemployment, social scientists may emphasize on corruption or unequal distribution of wealth and religious pundits may assert that this is


Bulging tummies and people filling their plates with food more than they can consume is a common scene at weddings in India. Of course the occasional sounds of ‘burps’ and ‘farts’ are common too; overeating leads to both right friends. Apart from all the glamour, dance and happiness associated with Indian weddings; food consumption or let’s say its wastage is more often witnessed by all at any matrimonial occasion in India. Wastage of food in Indian Weddings The Arabs it is said to often offer gifts and valuable items to the bride’s family in exchange for the ‘bride’; but in India the bride’s family apart from dowry has to prepare for an extensive feast for the entire guests. Uncle’s, aunts, cousins, relatives, distant neighbors, colleagues all are invited to witness the holy matrimony and then feed on the ‘food’ laid before them. The quality and quantity of the food made available are scrutinized with such vigor that ‘chef contests’ may seem child’s play in front of them.

Donation doesn't mean to donate money only

Donation doesn't mean to donate money only!!!! OK, i never thought that i would write such things on my blog but i am writing this after reading such negative blog posts from other bloggers. Let me start with poverty; this thing is not about only money but it is also about amount of material possessions. A person who can't fulfill his or his family needs is under poverty too but many of us think that anyone can overcome with poverty by working hard or working smart; many of us also thinks that it is a mental illness. whooaaa!!!! What???? Mental illness? So you mean if some families are under poverty that means they are mentally ill? great applause for your thinking. i personally don't think so  because poverty is not a mental problem of someone; nobody wants to be  a poor person. I've seen many families who can't even afford medicines for their medical causes. Let's take an example of a laborer who earns on daily basis and working very hard just to feed his


STRUGGLES FACED BY A LOW INCOME FAMILY Poverty is the prime factor with which all struggles and predicaments of a low income family are associated with. Defining poverty and highlighting its causes is a subject which has been going on and on for centuries; each generation assumes that it is facing more hardships than its predecessors; but one fact remains true, a low income family regardless of the period or era faces numerous difficulties and their life is full of struggles. If you are luckily well off; you can never even come close to imagining what life for a low income family can be like. Price hikes of different commodities make their conditions worse; for you an increase of 2 Rupees on a medicine might be insignificant but for a low income family the same increase of 2 Rupees on a particular tablet that has to be taken thrice a day means a monthly loss of 180 Rupees. For that 180 Rupees the same family would have bought 5 Kg of wheat or rice and fed themselves for one w


  A GOOD FREELANCER; A GREAT JUGGLER! People tend to assume that being a freelancer means you are on a continuous joy ride; on the contrary I would say if you are a good freelancer you will definitely become a great juggler. Nice option right; should you wish to switch careers. Free lancers are not devoid of responsibilities; it is true they enjoy ‘freedom’ that comes with the deal but nevertheless it does not rip them of their obligations. If you are a freelancer or thinking of becoming one do not forget that you will have to create a harmonious balanced life comprising of diverse elements. If you are a normal ‘person’ not that I am suggesting, Freelancers are the E.T. Version of modern day business world. In fact my point is simple; freelancers have their personal lives, domestic obligations, and their work load of different tasks plus if they are also doing a regular job then ‘heavens may aid them’. Multitude of tasks requires effective time management and shuffling or what


HUNGER Hunger manifests itself in different forms though generally it is associated with the hunger for food and trust me a lot of us feel hungry for other things as well. It may sound funny to you but the truth is hunger for food is only one side of the picture. There are people who are hungry for ‘flesh’ and then there are people who are hungry for money. There are also some individuals who happen to be hungry for fame as well. hunger for anything related to selfiness For a purely scientific mind; hunger may simply be a matter of our body communicating to our brain the need for nourishment in order to sustain itself. But hunger has an emotional dimension as well. You may have heard the term hungry for love; in reality hunger stands for deprivation of any element. If you are lacking something then hunger for that particular element is natural. Children who are orphans appear hungry for emotional attachment and love from elders. They search in vain for that love and gu