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Freelance world: the juggling act of life

Freelance world: the juggling act of life Get liberated! Feel free! Be your own boss! Let us all become freelancers; fine if all will become freelancers where will we find work? Who cares buddy? Hop on the bandwagon and you won’t regret it! These were some of my feelings when I first quitted my ‘regular’ job and decided to become a freelancer. I had some deep rooted notions about freelancing; for me it was some kind of glorious joy ride where I will be free from criticism of my boss or superiors. My collar would be free from the confinement of a ‘tie’. My dress will be according to my own preferences. I will be free to take trips or dine out whenever I pleased. I will be rewarded more with less input and above all I will be paid in ‘green bills’. Some of my notions turned out to be misconceptions; ok fine I will rephrase most of them turned out to be incorrect. Being a freelancer is no ‘joy ride’ though it definitely has its perks and advantages. Do not for a moment assum


POVERTY AN INSIGHT Poverty is not a phenomenon limited to the third world countries; under development and even developed nations have a significant number of people living below the average income line. As a matter of fact poverty is not a subjective thing though at times people feel it is; for a lower middle class family living in countries like India the definition of poverty may slightly differ than those who are practically homeless. In an economic context if an individual or family is significantly below the average earnings per person of the nation than he or she is classified as poor. Even countries like UK or USA have a population of more than 3 to 5% that can be economically classified as poor. Poverty an insight Now what about the causes of Poverty; different nations have diverse issues that actually cause poverty. If we go deep into the details I believe the causes would merit a 300 page comprehensive report often written and presented by leading financial and


PRACTICAL TIPS FOR FREE LANCERS Once upon a time there oops ! Sorry I began quite incorrectly; I had no intention of narrating a fairy tale . On the contrary my years of experience as a freelancer have made me some sort of expert on the subject. Now you can justifiably say that I am blowing my own trumpet unless I can tell you some secrets of the trade. Fortunately I am aware of some useful tips that can help freelancers whether they are secret or not ; I will leave that to your good judgment. Often it happens that we have things within our sight but fail to see them. Ok enough of hanky-panky and let’s get you started Practical Tips For Freelancers TIP 1: USE SOME COMMON SENSE Now common sense it seems is not so common these days. If you have decided to be a freelancer then you will have to employ some common sense. It is a well known fact that freelancers are more concentrated on websites in finding tasks for themselves that can fill their pockets. But a good


10 MONEY MANAGEMENT TIPS FOR FREELANCERS When I started writing on this topic I incidentally typed 10 money rips off for freelancers. This of course was neither my intention nor my topic; I have been a full time freelancer for quite a considerable period of time and have no regrets . But if you are a new entrant to this challenging and rewarding world of freelancing; managing your financial resources can prove a little tricky at times. Below I have listed a few tips that are based on my observations and experiences as well as of those who have been in this arena for a long time; so guys take a look: Money management tips Tip no 1 : Freelancers do not get a steady pay check each month so the most important lesson for them is to save for the rainy day, especially if you are a new comer. Tip no 2 : it is closely related to the first tip; from my own experience an ideal scenario would save 50% of your earnings for freelance work for you never know when you will


SEVEN TIPS FOR FREELANCERS SERIOUSLY It is a general feeling that even ‘crap’ is taken seriously on the internet. Well to be honest the internet is full of information but not necessarily knowledge. The distinction requires time and may turn a bit ‘philosophical’ thus in the end you wouldn’t indulge in reading in it and I will be forced to drink poison like ‘Socrates’. So let us keep this short and sweet; freelancers are in abundance some are making more than what a normal salaried person would and some are competing head to head with even with top level executives of a company.  Freelance Advise & tips So there must be some ‘secrets’ that are contributing to the success of freelancers around the globe . I am offering them to you on a ‘golden plate’: 1 -Being a Freelancer requires consistency ; so be consistent. Defining consistency means in this context that you should keep your profile and ‘services’ consistent. If you are offering a job of graphic


GENDER BIASED INDIAN SOCIETY India suffers from Gender bias on a large scale; I am an Indian and a proud one too but my pride cannot conceal or overlook the weaknesses of my own society. It is true that 50 years ago in India the bias was greater than even today and we have been successful or lucky in perhaps reducing the levels to some extent but the ‘flaws’ still exist. We can close our eyes but that won’t make the truth fade away! There are two dimensions of this ugly phenomenon; one involves the domestic life and the other revolves around the professional life. Interestingly when it comes to India the society is gender biased in favor of men within both dimensions. Let me take you on a ‘joy ride’ in the first arena initially; the domestic life. Indian men are allowed the ‘freedom’ to make decisions on all minor or major issues of daily life.  From children’s choice of education, career or even clothes; the consent of the male is essential. If the women of the house wan