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Meet God within You: The Spiritual Path

Meet God within You: The Spiritual Path There are many facts about religions and cultures; everyone thinks his or her religion is right, which is a good sign. However, what is the point of religion without god? Every religion says that there is only one god, which implies god is one and the only one, as every religion can't be wrong about this. So our main motive should be to remember the one and if we want to meet god, then we only have one single option, the spiritual path. But what is a spiritual path and how do we start it or from where we begin? Begin with yourself! You may have heard this before, but the real fact is that God resides in all of us. We don't know where the God is but he is somewhere in our body; most probably in the heart. A lot of spiritual paths suggest people look inside their own body and feel the god; however, it is not easy, because all we see is darkness when we close our eyes. True? We have to eliminate the darkness! The Spiritual Pat