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Kenya Attack: Will it Lead to the End of Humanity?

Kenya Attack: Will it Lead to the End of Humanity? Terror attacks have been hitting Kenya for a few years now due to militant groups who want to pursue the spread of radical Islam across the region. The group who has been doing these attacks aims to do some more high profile attacks in the region in order to draw attention to them and their vision as well as generate headlines. These attacks have resulted in numerous deaths of innocent people. The lives taken during these attacks served as sacrifices for the group’s main aim, which is to establish an Islamist government. These militants, although considered small due to their lack of financial and popular support and incapability to withstand direct fights against African Union Forces yet they are a big threat considering that the bombings are being more common and more lives are being at risk. Al-Shabaab Al-Shabaab directly translates to “Movement of Striving Youth” is a cell based in Somalia of the militant Islamist g

Surrogacy Surge and its Gradual Acceptance in India's Society

Surrogacy Surge and its Gradual Acceptance in India’s Society Surrogacy can become an issue depending on a country’s culture. Some countries may be more accepting of the idea of surrogacy while some tend to shy away from this matter due to their cultural beliefs. Basically, surrogacy means that a woman carries to deliver a child for another couple of another person. There are situations wherein traditional surrogacy occurs wherein the genetic mother is the one that carries and delivers the child and there is also, what we call commercial surrogacy wherein monetary compensation aside from the medical expenses is given to the surrogate. This type of surrogacy tends to meet varying reactions from different countries. Surrogacy in India In countries like India, they used to not be so accepting of surrogacy. However as the years pass by, they eventually tend to be more open to the idea of gestational surrogacy. This means that the surrogate mother helps a couple by “lendi