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Where we have failed as a society? We must protect the freedom of women.

Where We have failed as a society? We must protect the freedom of women. Criminal offenses against females aren’t restricted to rape attacks; there are millions of cases currently pending in our courts like abuse by a husband or other family members, dowry, child abuse, kidnappings,  selling women into prostitution,and more--How cruel can society be? We need to do something to ensure the security of women, something for the victims; don't you think we can do anything we want to do. Women in India just need positive support,  a trustworthy hand from our society. Those criminals are kidnapping teenage girls and selling them to brothels around the country. They force these young girls to have sex with random people (read clients) or they will not feed them. This is happening to kids as well; children are not even capable to indulge in such activities. Child prostitution is not only common in India, it is a filthy reality which is happening worldwide. It's like a real hell aroun

Why women are getting raped daily in India

Why women are getting raped daily in India? Rape cases in India Today I am going to write about a very sensitive issue, "rape.” I am starting with the definition of rape: rape is a crime in which one sex forces the opposite sex to engage in sexual activity without permission, against their emotional values and torture them, which includes physical violence and sometimes murder also. Maybe Wikipedia can define rape more deeply with imperative worldwide statistics. I am writing this article about rape because I read this daily in newspapers, watch it on the daily news. Girls get raped almost daily and these cases are increasing day by day. After the Delhi gang rape case, I thought things would change because of the protest youngsters were doing. I was pretty much impressed by the youth of India that they were concerned about that girl. I am not saying that they are not concerned now; every responsible citizen of India is doing his best but still these things are happening. S

How can I be happy

7 SIMPLE TIPS TO KEEP YOU HAPPY Being happy is easier than you actually think. All you need is a little focus and effort on your part. Happiness leads to health and below I am listing a few simple but effective tips that can keep you happy. Tips to Keep You Happy Try to wake up early in the morning and have a light walk barefoot on grass; you will find that it soothes your mind and relaxes your body. The whole day ahead of you will go smoothly. Stop being a pessimist. The glass of water is half full or half empty, both statements are true, but you need to remember that it is half full. That is optimism and it goes a long way in keeping a person happy. Do not worry about other people’s remarks on your personality. Be self assured, remember some people feel happy by making others miserable and when you do feel miserable about something they said; they are ecstatic. So focus on keeping yourself happy and not them. Don't be the angry man or woman of your household. Anger

Freelance work! Life of the freelancer

LIFE OF A FREELANCER There are few people who are in love with their boss, the only possible exception being attractive females. Apart from the punch line, it is a known fact that working in an office on a fixed routine is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us want to be our own boss, come and go as we please, do whatever we like and manage our own schedule. If this is the case with you do not attempt to contact a shrink; instead, understand that you are born to be a freelancer. Wanting to be a freelancer Freelance Job Random Quote There is nothing wrong in wanting to be a freelancer, but many of us feel that it’s a joyride and there is no discipline required. On the contrary, self management requires greater discipline than being under someone else’s command. You may find it surprising, but conquering yourself is the greatest conquest of all and a freelancer’s success depends on it. I am not trying to scare you, but freelancers need to build their reputations and keep them


FREE ENERGY!!  IS IT FOR REAL? To be honest when I first heard the term ‘free energy’ I laughed at my friend. I was skeptical and replied ‘yes you mean I can drive my car around without gas.’ But when I dug deeper I found out that the real statement is “there is free energy all around us”. At first it is difficult to understand but then I had to admit that all the fuss is about something which is quantifiable but debatable. Free Energy When we talk about free energy devices what we simply mean is that a particular device requires no other source of exterior power or energy in some form. Imagine you have a generator and it needs no external source of power or a motor that requires no electric power to run. I know the concept is a tough one to accept, but there is one scientific fact that actually supports this claim of free energy being around us. An isolated system is made up of matter and all matter inherently possesses energy in one form or the other so if no exte

Harmful Dietary supplements and fake claims

Dietary supplements and their fake claims The pharmaceutical industry is now becoming more and more complex, complicated, and tricky due to the competition. Let me start with dietary supplements, you need to know that dietary supplement is an option or choice to support a meal; a food supplement that can provide vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, nutrients. Food supplements are beneficial for those who miss their diet and are not able to consume above mentioned nutrients. So basically they are good to consume, but they cannot cure any disease. They might rectify some kind of deficiency, but not the disease. Fake dietary supplements Now you know the definition of food supplements so let me quickly jump onto our main topic about their fake claims. Many  Distributors, manufacturers, sellers, promoters, and members (chain club) are promoting their supplements as a medicine which can cure your pimples or can increase your height. Some products are good, but they are not n

Rheumatoid arthritis

What is rheumatoid Arthritis? Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis Stiffness Rheumatoid arthritis , ok so this is my first post in this Blog and I am going to write about rheumatoid family. Yes, it is a family who lives in the body of patient suffering from RA. They increase their population in the patient’s joints and bones, they spread inflammation in whole body which tends to increase acute pain and deformation of joints. Doctors mostly call rheumatoid arthritis as a disease with chronic inflammatory disorder but I think this is more than a disease because it has no cure. Yes no cure at all, in this century we have a cure for cancer but this one has no permanent cure. But many patients and their families fight with these situations daily. Why I am writing this in ? Because it is related to me and my family . So I am going to share my experience and provide you some useful information about rheumatoid arthritis. My mother is fighting wi