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Disable AdBlockers

Hi guys, this post is not about information or any answers, but about a humble request. Most of us use Adblock, Adblock plus, or other ad blocking tools to restrict unwanted ads from popping up. But, do we need to do the same on Blogs we trust? I don't think any of us is against monetizing content. If we are not against monetizing then we need to disable ad blocking tools on trusted blogs and sites. You might have seen pages and websites restricting people to access their content; they ask you to disable Adblock and refresh the page.  I personally think forcing people to disable their ad blocking tools is not correct. All I can do is to request you humbly to disable ad blocking tools on my blogs and other trusted blogs (if you use such tools). I don't know why adblockers blacklist google Adsense when it is the safest advertising platform. Google Adsense ads should be white-listed in my opinion. Things are not in our hands and we cannot tell these developers to whitelist or ap