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Arvind Kejriwal Biography

Facts about the Life of Arvind Kejriwal The name Arvind Kejriwal has become very famous as he has been a remarkable Indian politician. If you do not know why, you must know these facts about him, and let us start with who he really is as an individual. Here is the simplified Arvind Kejriwal biography that I prepared. Biography of Arvind Kejriwal: Early Life Arvind Kejriwal was born on the 16 th day of August in the year 1968 at Hissar, Haryana – a small Indian town. He lived most of his life in Ghaziabad, a place near Delhi. He finished studying with a degree in B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur in 1989 with the aid of his father, who is also an engineer. Married Life Arvind Kejriwal Marriage Picture Arvind found love and happiness in the person of Sunita and they got married. They had two children later on. Sunita was also an IRS officer, and that is how they totally knew each other deeply. The Arvind Kejriwal biography will surely not be com