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Imbalanced Nutrition

Imbalanced Nutrition Eating is necessary for us to live. The nutrition found in the food we eat are distributed throughout our body parts in order for it to function properly therefore it is important that we eat a variety of food so we can have all the necessary components for a balanced nutrition. Having a balanced nutrition means that the supply of different types of vitamins, minerals and other substances of our body cells is met. However, some people tend to experience some health complications due to imbalanced nutrition. Raw Guava in my front yard Imbalanced nutrition may be due to either overeating or not enough food in our system. There are people who tend to be meticulous eaters and may lean towards eating only a few certain types of food. This means that only the vitamins present in those foods will be digested by our body and we will be lacking the other vitamins that are not in there. Same goes for under eating. We fail to consume other foods that will give