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Beggar Mafia in India

Beggar Mafia in India Beggars in India Organized begging is a form of human trafficking that is highly practiced in India. Around 60,000 children go missing in India each year, however, there are probably way more that are not accounted for. The children are forced to work for beggar mafia's, which are organized criminal groups. The mafia usually only takes children that are ten years of age or younger. It is recommended that tourists, as well as natives, do not give the beggars any type of money. By giving them money, the mafia keeps making more and more money, which means they will be kidnapping more kids. "Arms-for-Alms" Scandal The CNN-IBN news channel underwent an investigation and caught three doctors on video agreeing to amputate limbs of child beggars for  as low as $200 or 10,000 rupees. However, the price usually ranges between $200-$800 or 10,000 to 40,000 rupees. The doctors would typically sew the muscles shut which causes gangrene t

What are the negative aspects of getting married too young?

What Is the age of getting married? Am I too young to get married? What are the myths about getting married young? Should we get married after we graduate? In this post I will talk about negative aspects of getting married too soon or too young; however, I am not against it. I just want to share some disadvantages and potential difficulties with couples that marry too soon. Of course, there are many couples who succeed. However, knowing the negative aspects of getting married too young, will definitely help you in determining the future and preparing for the challenges and the reality of marriage before jumping on it. Let's start with a statistical standpoint. Divorce Rate There are many great marriages that began when couples were too young, a few of which last for 50 or even 60 years. It is up to the couple to make marriage work; however, the divorce rate is very high among the young married couples. The divorce rate is more than 50% among couple who get married