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Why We Should Vote for Arvind Kejriwal

Why We Should Vote for Arvind Kejriwal Since India’s election for the new Prime Minister is getting near, it would be appropriate now to talk about the candidate who most likely, has a great chance of winning. Let us talk about the one who gave a tingling sound on the political industry recently – Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. You might be thinking that his battle for a transparent government is done, when he was appointed as the chief minister of Delhi; however, it is not. He is aiming for a higher position now and he also aims to change the whole government of India. The question now is, will you vote for Arvind Kejriwal as the new India Prime Minister? Personally, yes, I will definitely! This is because I have cited lots of good things and sufficient reasons why I should give my vote to him. Allow me to enumerate my reasons herein. ·          He is rational. He knows how to balance each situation and weigh what is the best thing to do. He also managed to show how passionat