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Imbalanced Nutrition

Imbalanced Nutrition

Eating is necessary for us to live. The nutrition found in the food we eat are distributed throughout our body parts in order for it to function properly therefore it is important that we eat a variety of food so we can have all the necessary components for a balanced nutrition. Having a balanced nutrition means that the supply of different types of vitamins, minerals and other substances of our body cells is met. However, some people tend to experience some health complications due to imbalanced nutrition.
Raw Guava in my front yard

Imbalanced nutrition may be due to either overeating or not enough food in our system. There are people who tend to be meticulous eaters and may lean towards eating only a few certain types of food. This means that only the vitamins present in those foods will be digested by our body and we will be lacking the other vitamins that are not in there. Same goes for under eating. We fail to consume other foods that will give our body enough vitamin supply therefore; we might suffer from some health issues.

Effects of Under Eating and Overeating
Aside from the fact that we will have an imbalanced diet and nutrition, there are other effects of not eating enough food. Though most people who under eat do it for the sake of dieting, these are some of its effects that may develop into more potentially harmful health conditions
·       Decrease in weight
·       It can cause depression and/or mood swings
·       It can make us feel weaker as we do not have enough energy that comes from food
·       It can make our muscles hurt
·       It can make our stomach hurt
·       It may result to low blood pressure
·       It makes us feel too tired to do things

On the other hand, eating excessively also has its harmful effects.
·       It can lead to obesity
·       It can make people more prone to heart diseases
·       It can result in diabetes
·       It can result to hypertension
·       It can also be a reason for arthritis
·       Its short term effects include insomnia, chest pains, nausea and headaches

From these, we should consume food in just the right amount and make sure that the food we digest contains different types of vitamins to avoid any deficiency. Deficiency or the lack of supply of vitamins as well as calcium in our system is also a vital reason why we may develop unfavorable health conditions. As, there a lot of vitamins, these are general effects of vitamin deficiency:
·       Unintended weight loss
·       Poor performance of senses such as seeing, hearing and tasting
·       Weaker muscles
·       Development of psychological conditions such as depression and sleep disorders such as insomnia
·       Lack of focus and concentration
·       Poor appetite
·       Anemia
·       Dry skin and cracked lips
·       Slow wound healing

The above-mentioned are just some of the effects of vitamin deficiency wherein we can be affected physically, mentally and psychologically. On the other hand, lack of calcium or hypocalcemia may lead to osteoporosis, muscle cramps, hypertension, as well as numbness in the fingers and toes. It is important that we include about 1300 mg of calcium a day in our diet to avoid these health problems.
Moringo oleifera tree in my front yard
The miracle tree with Ninety two nutrients and 46 types of antioxidants
Though there are vitamins and mineral as well as calcium supplements, it would be better to acquire these through proper food consumption. It is easier and possibly cheaper to maintain eating a variety of foods rather than relying on pills to not experience deficiency. A balanced nutrition diet can easily be achieved if we learn to put variety of the foods that we eat daily.


  1. I am very well aware of imbalanced nutrition. I had candida and that causes my body not to be able to use certain vitamins, minerals and supplements. I was told by a Dr that magnesium is very important but it is no longer found in our soil because we have used it all up. So, we have to take a supplement to get it.

    1. Yes supplements are must if you have no other options. You are a fighter and i know you will win this fight against candida :)

    2. This is great information! As a society with everything being "fast food" we have gotten away from eating a well balanced diet. Food isn't really food anymore, at least for most.

    3. Thanks Akhil .
      Do you eat the leaves of the Moringo oleifera tree that is in your yard?

    4. Yes we eat leaves, the leaves are cooked and tastes like spinach. We also eat its immature seed pods called drumsticks

  2. Great points! And yes, even though you can get essential nutrients through tablets or capsules, our bodies are meant to digest whole foods so we absorb more of the nutrients we need when we eat them rather than swallow them in man-made pills. Also, it's important to stay properly hydrated by drinking lots of water each day.

  3. All good points! This is definitely something I struggle with. I binge eat on the weekend and I know I don;t eat right during the weeks. It's tough to stay balanced with such busy schedules.

  4. Ohhh... I so crave for a guava right now. That is one fruit I missed eating here in US. I remember my childhood days that I could just pick it up from our neighbors yard and eat them sweet. That maluggay is hard here to grow, I miss eating soup with that vegetable too. Very, very nutritious!

  5. This is very informative. I am working harder to make sure my family gets everything they need from their diet (when they eat at home anyway!)

  6. I have never heard of the Moringa oleifera tree so I looked it up. I see that India is the largest producer of moringa and that it is not found in the US except for Hawaii. Apparently as of 2010, cultivation in Hawaii, for commercial distribution in the United States, is in its early stages.

    Very interesting and I would like to learn more.

  7. These are such important lessons, and they are taught to us from the time we start school (my Kindergartner can tell you about the food pyramid) yet so many people disregard the importance of the message. Your idea to share the message here is a good one!

  8. Those are great points. I know that I need to eat a more balanced diet too. I swing from eating all good for me foods to more of a junky diet and it is not good for me.

  9. As with everything there needs to be a balance. I tend to overeat when I'm stressed and I know it's no good at all. I'm looking at your guava and reminiscing about the days when I would climb those guava trees. I actually have a picture taken about 5 years ago of my sons climbing a guava tree. Those things are amazing!

  10. Very good reading. I try to eat well but...

  11. This was a most useful post. What we eat and how much we eat can really make an negative impact if we don't remain conscious of our diet,.

  12. I love that you outlined the effects of both overeating and not eating enough. It's important that people realize that both extremes are unhealthy and that they strive to have more balance in their diet.

  13. Eating a balanced diet can be tricky when your body doesn't like a lot of food.. I have to take quite a few vitamins and do my best at only putting the right stuff in so I don't feel like poo.. Thank you for this post.

  14. I know I could eat better. I get so busy through the day and have a lack of imagination when it comes to feeding just myself. I tend to eat the same thing for breakfast every day. Pretty bad for a food blogger eh?


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