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Impact of Social Media on Kids Below 13

Impact of Social Media on Kids Below Thirteen

Kids below 13 
Impact of social media
Almost everybody we know has his or her social media account. Whether it be in Facebook, in Twitter, in Tumblr or maybe in all. Social media has become more accessible to us, as mobile phones have become more advanced in technology and other gadgets like tablets have become more widely used. It has also become a phenomenon even to the younger generations, even the ones who are not yet in their teens. I know many children who own multiple social media accounts and who are very active in the online world.
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Children usually communicate with their friends through social media. They also get to access different sites, photos, forums, and blogs wherein they are able to absorb new information. They also become more exposed to the developing technology in many ways. They become more updated with the happenings around them and they get to share their opinions regarding these issues. But then, this exposure also has negative impacts on children, especially to the ones who are not yet in their teenage years.

Negative Impacts
These negative impacts can be seen in various aspects.
·       Physical Aspect
First would be physically. Kids tend to spend too much time in front of the computer or using their phones, usually amounting to hours that they neglect their bodies’ physical activeness. The time that should have been used for engaging in physical activities such as sports and exercises has become an idle time to sit in a chair or lie on the bed for hours while sending instant messages to their friends or just browsing through other people’s profiles. The physical inactivity may cause health problems for kids especially to those who grew up when social media is already at large.

·       Social Aspect
Their games are limited to the downloadable games in the internet wherein their playmates can be miles away from them and their communication is limited to instant messages or profile statuses in order to be updated in each other lives. This is where the second aspect comes into the light: the social aspect.

Though the purpose of social media is to broaden communication for people who are far away from each other and to maintain contact despite the distance, it seems that too much of it has limited the social capability of children. They tend to prefer talking to their friends through messaging rather than face-to-face contact. In addition, through social media, they may suffer from cyber bullying from anonymous people who may affect them psychologically and behaviourally.

·       Mental Aspect
Another aspect to look at is their mental capabilities. Studies have revealed that too much exposure to social media has lowered the academic performance of children. Some kids were also found to be less receptive to new things and are slower in reading and processing things. Studies have also revealed that kids who are more active in the social media undergo behavior or attitude changes. Some kids tend to present behaviors that are more aggressive and have more angry feelings. They are also considered to be less empathetic towards other people and have fewer helping behaviors.

It is important to consider these impacts before children are allowed to be involved in social media. Though it may seem inevitable for them to be involved, parents or adults can impose regulations in their usage. Parents may impose a time limit on internet usage and can also approve the creation of a social media account provided that they can monitor what their children read and see. This is very important as children still have poor skills of judgement and wrong exposure can affect their personality and character as they grow up. 


  1. It's so important to consider all the implications of social media before your kids make an account. It can be a great way to connect but it has drawbacks too.

  2. I think no matter what, supervision is a must and a definite time limit. It can easily get out of hand.

  3. Great information here for parents of little ones. You need to be on top of things when your kids are very young. I am really glad that my kids were out of high school before social media became a thing.

  4. We do not allow our kids to have social media accounts until they are much older. We also force our kids to get plenty of outdoor time with their family and friends. I think too many kids today stay behind screens too much so we really try to limit ours - unless they are sick.

  5. You make some important points here regarding children with tech devices.
    I suspect this topic would be a hot debate area for years to come.

  6. Some kids have no filters. some parents have no filters for that matter. It is important to monitor their social media use and availability!

  7. I will not let my younger kids on social media. I think it is too young for them to be on there. Amber N

  8. Thankfully my kids do not know how to get on the internet yet. We do have parental controls on many of our electronics, just not ready to open up the dangers of the internet with them anytime soon.

  9. I really try and monitor how much time my kids are online period! Whether it's social media or just playing games on the computer. I'd much prefer them to be outdoors enjoying the sunshine. We really don't pay attention to the impact that the internet have over our kids and we should be aware.

  10. Great information here! I never thought about kids so young being on social media, but I guess it happens. I think I would like mine to wait until they are at least in high school. Maybe that's unrealistic, who knows?

  11. My kids are both teens and they are on the Internet a lot. With my son especially, I have to remind him to go outside and get moving.

  12. Social media has become an revolution that many use it as a platform to even communicate with family members who live with them or near by. I agree with the negative aspects this could make with kids, but at the end of the day we need to guide them to use it in a better way.

  13. ugggg its insane to think about kids and social media!! i still have a few years before i have to worry about this stuff with my daughter, but you best believe i will be supervising when the time does come!


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