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Meet God within You: The Spiritual Path

Meet God within You: The Spiritual Path

There are many facts about religions and cultures; everyone thinks his or her religion is right, which is a good sign. However, what is the point of religion without god? Every religion says that there is only one god, which implies god is one and the only one, as every religion can't be wrong about this. So our main motive should be to remember the one and if we want to meet god, then we only have one single option, the spiritual path. But what is a spiritual path and how do we start it or from where we begin? Begin with yourself! You may have heard this before, but the real fact is that God resides in all of us. We don't know where the God is but he is somewhere in our body; most probably in the heart. A lot of spiritual paths suggest people look inside their own body and feel the god; however, it is not easy, because all we see is darkness when we close our eyes. True? We have to eliminate the darkness!

The Spiritual Path
Photo Credits: Alice Popkorn

No Strict Rules

The most practical approach to do this is to not follow strict rules! People may recommend you to sit in lotus position and meditate which is not possible for everyone. Of course, it has benefits, but that doesn't mean you have to follow it strictly. Meditation is important for god realization, but there are many ways to realize God. First of all try remembering God when you are alone. This may shock you, but a few people try to remember God in their restrooms; Bathrooms (Euphemism). Yes, it is true! They do this because in the restroom they feel alone and it helps them in self realization; Just like reading a newspaper.
Photo Credits: Lin Mei

Self Realization

You know yourself; you know God. Self realization is really important for every one of us and there is no harm in doing this anywhere. A lot of people consider this bad and they also think that the people who are remembering god in the bathroom are sick, but judging someone will not help them too. God knows everything as he is everywhere. Due to this busy lifestyle, not everyone gets the time to think about himself, that is why they take most of their important decisions in the shower or in bathroom. My main point is to tell you that whenever you are alone, you should think about God, no matter where you are. When you start remembering god you will realize a sudden change in yourself. Did you ever notice that sometimes you feel lonely? You don't want anyone at that point of time and you feel really alone and you want to cry. This is a sign that your soul is missing god. Our soul knows everything but our mind doesn't allow us to concentrate due to Worldly attractions and tasks; however, our soul sometimes gets frustrated with this world and misses god. Our mind thinks that there is something not good, but our soul; the god particle remembers the Supreme Being and misses the god. It is also possible for a soul to cry and when our soul feel bad it misses god, and we feel worse. The soul is just like a child who doesn't have its parent with it. The soul, wants to reach the god and that is why we feel sad. So the next time you feel alone just remember that your soul is missing The Lord. I am stretching this topic because I want to clear every single misconception about the spiritual path. I want to share my experience and knowledge with you and you can also correct me if I am wrong.

Meditation: The Spiritual Journey

Now you know that you have to think about God whenever you are lonely. The next part is meditation; I know, you are very busy with your schedule however you can meditate before you go to sleep; in bed. Just close your eyes and concentrate on the third eye (pineal gland just above the eyebrow center) and chant any religious word. If you are Hindu then you can Chant om om om... If you are a Muslim, then you can chant Haq Haq or Allah or any holy word. If you are Christian then chants god god or any holy word of your choice and your religion. If you are Sikh then chants hare hare. Meditation is approved by every religion and doctors also recommend this exercise. At first, you won't feel anything but keep going and don't think about any other thing. Just remember God, the one, and chant holy name while concentrating on third eye. This is the very first step of your spiritual journey.

If you have a mentor or a guru who can help you with spiritual talks, then you will realize god faster. A person in your family.. In community would help. I have no intention to hurt any religion or person. That's why I also recommend you to follow your religion strictly. Don't worry, your religion and the meditation will never clash as you are just remembering god and chanting holy name. 

The spiritual journey: some of you may believe in spiritual planes and planets, while others may disapprove this. However, there is no harm in reading about spiritual journeys; there are many Blogs available for you, so just read other's spiritual journey and explore yours. When you start chanting the name of god, you will find masters, angels and other identities and they all will help you in exploring spiritual planes.
Why I need to explore spiritual planes?
Well, our mind is unconscious and the mind can't settle down without knowing about the universe. We always want to know how it works and how God manages all the things. Our soul is bounded with worldly pleasures. This  is why we can't go straight to the god. There are thousands of worlds and planes above the earth and to explore all this, you have to walk in the spiritual path. As I said earlier, spirituality and meditation are not restricted in religions and if you don't believe me then try it. Just try it and let me know how it feels.

The Science

Spiritual path has science involved in it; you will feel sleep paralysis, astral projection, and other out of body experiences. When we think about God without worrying about the world we are living in; we start moving... Moving towards the light, The light or lights appear when we concentrate on third eye. This light allows the soul to leave the body trough the third eye; a complete dead state. At first you may feel paralyzed as you are not a pro and you are scared of death. You can't easily allow your soul to start the journey above, but after a few attempts your body will allow the soul to Leave the body and to start the journey of the soul. 

Sound Current and Light

In this journey you just have to follow the light or sound current or both; different circumstances with different people. Our soul can travel faster than light. Google this and you will know how; I have to mention a lot of things so can't mention all this in a single post; may be in future. 

Sound Current and Spiritual Journey

Before talking about the spiritual joinery let me tell you about some basic things. You can concentrate on third eye while chanting the holy name or you can put a finger in your right ear to listen the sound current. Both of these techniques would work. So close your right ear and listen to the bells and different sound currents while chanting the holy name. Keep in mind that you don’t have to chant orally, just chant it in your mind and Allow yourself to a kind of sleep state. This journey will start with a dream like state and you will think that you are dreaming about it. Day by day your life will improve. If you have the urge to explore the universe and planets, then you will succeed and the meditation will Lead you in self realization which is directly proportional to the god. Realize yourself and reach the god. Please try following your religion as much as you can because this will help the self realization process. I know you are busy, but please try to follow your religion. Also, try to help the poor and the community in some manner. Donating money is not the only option you have.

The Levels in Spiritual Path

There are many levels in the universe and we are living in one of these levels.  We are at the center!  Let's talk about the inner planes of Creation!!!
Pind: The Physical Plane; The spiritual journey starts from here and it consists of six chakras of Pind. Each chakra has its own color. See this Table:
·       Rectum: Red
·       Genitals: Orange
·       Navel: Yellow
·       Heart: Green
·       Throat: Blue
·       Third Eye: Indigo
Photo Credits: Aman Sandhu waysofmystics.web

So these are the chakras and their colors. Each color represents our body; the Chakras of the human body. All this is considered as Physical Plane and Physical death comes through these chakras only. The third eye is the highest level of this physical plane and our soul can complete this level by meditating and remembering God.

Next Level:
The Thousand Petal: Lotus as well as the Bunk Naal; When you reach this level after coming out of the body, you will see a thousand petal lotus. Bells and conch are the sound currents of this plane. Your soul… ERRRR… Not yours… God’s soul travels through this region while hearing sound currents. As per many spiritual books, Hindu Gods and other advanced aliens control this plane; just like we humans control this plane. There are many good and bad people in this region and the animals are the scariest. Everything is similar to earth, yet different because of the magic and technology.
Photo Credits: Aman Sandhu

The Astral Plane: The ANDA; Also Known as sahasar das Kanwal (10000 Lotuses). Heavens, stars, moons, suns, and Purgatories can be found here. The soul has to cross this area in order to succeed, but you will be able to explore this plane easily. There are millions of suns and moons, hundreds of the heavens and everything is so beautiful. The soul stays here for a while before going to the next level. The sound current is same; Bells and conch. Note: The sound current of our universe is thunder; Visit NASA’s official site and hear the sound of earth and other planets.

The Casual Plane: Home of the Mind: Brahmand: This is the plane where Trikuti (3 powers) lives: Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Hindu considers this to be the last plane and this is where the GOD resides in. Well, they are not wrong, neither right. These three powers are very strong yet not God because the god is one. I think God assigned them a few tasks. Brahma is considered as the creator, but it is clearly mentioned in Bhagvad Gita that Brahma is age restricted personality. He lives 100 years and the current Brahma is 51 years old. The most interesting thing mentioned in Gita is, the work of Brahma. He has to create the earth daily. Pralaya, total destruction occurs when he sleeps and he has to create the world after waking up. His one day equals to the thousand of earthly years. The time travel concept of Stephen Hawking's can be applied here. After 4,32,000 years, he will recreate the earth again.  The second power is Vishnu, a Hindu god, he has to manage the earth and other related physical region. The third one is Mahesh, the destroyer, according to Hindu religion. He is a nice guy, but he has to destroy everything to remove the darkness from this world. I think we are getting away from the main concept of Spiritual path and levels. Don’t worry, I will write another post about Trikuti. The sound currents of this region are Thunders and drums. Note: the names of Trikuti are different in every religion. Do some research about these powers.

Par Brahm, Daswan Dwar,  the tenth door, the super casual, beyond the mind and Maya, the pool of nectar: This place is above heavens so the concept of Hindu mythology is not clear for me and I am not disrespecting anyone. I am a Hindu and I believe in every religion. I respect them all and this has nothing to do with any religion. There are no evidences, so if you want to verify all this, then start meditation by remembering your God. I am sure this will help you. Let's get back to the topic. This level is pure and our soul reach here to swim as well as to drink the nectar. This is the purification process, as the upper places are more spiritual and to access them, you have to be pure. You will see swans singing beautiful songs, gold, and other ornaments, amazing fountains. Every single thing about this region is amazing and it is not easy to describe. This region is also known as the Amritsar by Sikh religion. The sound currents of this plane are Sarangi and sitar.

The no man’s land: Darkness in inner journey: This place is completely dark and there is no sound. This article is getting lengthier so I am describing every region in short because my main motive is to tell you about meditation and the spiritual path; do this and explore yourself.

The rotating cave: This is also a level and it has a sun which is brighter than millions of suns. The sound current of this plane is flute.  This place realizes you that there is no ME, only god. This is the land of holy, also known as bhanwar guffaw.

The true home, Sachkhand: This is the home of every soul and we all have to go there someday. Soul emerges here with god. For example, God is an ocean and the soul is the drop of it. The drop merges into the ocean to be the part of one. This is the true region of the soul. Fana-fil-sheikh, Sat Purush, the master,  creator supreme, the real name, and a purely spiritual region.  Sound currents: Veena and bagpipers. The soul journey ends here, however, there are three more upper regions which are not described in any spiritual book. I can’t even describe any of these regions and the above description of levels is not complete, as it is really difficult to describe all that in the physical plane. These things are completely different from this world so describing them also not important because no one can really understand without going there.

Three upper levels: ALAKH, AGAM, AND ANAMI. Alakh means inconceivable. Agam stands for inaccessible, the soundless sound, which is also not easy not described. What is soundless sound? Can you describe? No!  Alakh plane: The nameless plane or region, the realm of wonders.

So these are the levels and I hope I covered all the important things. What is more essential is to concentrate on yourself. Self realization is really important and this can only be achieved by thinking about GOD. Visit church or any holy places. Read your holy book, try to follow the book. Teach your kids about your religion and read the holy book in front of them. Tell them to read the holy book. GOD created these books so that we can be better human beings. You don’t need to take a class about the art of living; the holy books are enough for that. Holy books teach us to do good things, achieve goals, self realization, be humble and down to earth, love the community, love everything and respect everyone, Fight with the inner self. Jihad, we all are aware of this word, it is an Islamic word, but the real meaning of jihad is to fight with one's inner self, to be a good human, self realization. However, a few terrorists use this word to fight with other humans, which is completely wrong. It is a pure word!!

Bottom Line
Follow your religion and meditate for self realization. Remember, God!! Our biggest enemy is our own mind; make him your friend and you will get everything. The above mentioned spiritual journey can be experienced by anyone who believes in the One. God is in you, just look inside. The names of spiritual planes, gods, and other terms can be different according to every religion, but the GOD is same; THE ONE.

You can also visit any nearby 'Science of soul study center', to know more about spiritual journey, or to read spiritual books.  Science of soul is a charitable society and the centers are open around the globe. 


  1. I fully believe that God resides within each and every one of us. I have been trying to meditate, it is a struggle to keep myself focused.

  2. I think that everyone is on their own spiritual journey. There is no right or wrong - people just have to figure out what is best for themselves.

  3. I know many people who have taken up meditation recently. I'm appreciative of my friends who follow different religions, yet are still very accepting about others beliefs.

  4. I'm like Terry I have recently started meditating but clearing my mind out and focusing is one of my biggest problems. It's hard to shut the mind down.

  5. Meditation is something that has always interested me, but I've never been able to get into. I can't sit still and think!

    1. Exactly! This is what I am trying to say that you don't need to sit still and meditate; You can even lie down to meditate before you sleep; let your dream to take over your meditation. No strict rules for meditation; just think about GOD. Don't be skeptical about it :)

    2. I believe this as well. It's comforting to think so.

  6. Nice post. I'm not into religion but I know lots who are. Never meditated either, but I've heard people find great peace while doing it.

  7. I think God means different things to different people, and that's okay. Whatever brings someone peace.

  8. There is a spiritual being in us all, even though people don't believe it. Amber N

  9. I like to take a few minutes a day to meditate. It's a great way to get focused and centered during such a busy day!

  10. I appreciate very much the compilation. Your insights do make a lot of sense. There is a God within all of us for sure

  11. You can be spiritual and believe in God and feel close to God without following a specific religion. Attending church does not necessarily make one spiritual. I agree that you can find your spiritual path within and that meditation surely helps one do this.

  12. God lies within each of us. I try to remember that when I'm mad or upset at someone. I try to remember we are all just doing our best.

  13. We each have our own journey and as long as we stick with it, everything will be as it is intended to be.

  14. I think some religions see meditation as wrong. Personally, I think it is a great thing. It helps you to really connect to yourself and surroundings.

  15. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks to pray or talk to God in the bathroom. LOL!! Funny, but true. :)

  16. I like to meditate each day, even if only for a few minutes. Every other moment of the day my mind seems to be racing a mile a minute. Meditation helps me to calm down.

  17. You are right, everyone does think that their religion has all the answers. I respect what everyone believes.

  18. I'm into to mostly meditation to become closer. I find myself in the shower usually to talk to God. Lol

  19. My husband used to meditate at least once in a week or so & I can see how patient & composed he is under any circumstances. And, I agree everyone of us believes that the religion we follow is the answer for everything, but it is good that most of don't hurt others sentiment over it.


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