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Donation doesn't mean to donate money only

Donation doesn't mean to donate money only!!!!
OK, i never thought that i would write such things on my blog but i am writing this after reading such negative blog posts from other bloggers. Let me start with poverty; this thing is not about only money but it is also about amount of material possessions. A person who can't fulfill his or his family needs is under poverty too but many of us think that anyone can overcome with poverty by working hard or working smart; many of us also thinks that it is a mental illness. whooaaa!!!! What???? Mental illness?

So you mean if some families are under poverty that means they are mentally ill? great applause for your thinking. i personally don't think so  because poverty is not a mental problem of someone; nobody wants to be  a poor person. I've seen many families who can't even afford medicines for their medical causes. Let's take an example of a laborer who earns on daily basis and working very hard just to feed his family and one day he get to know that someone in his family is suffering from serious disease then how can he will handle all the medical expenses?  If you're thinking about company's medical insurance then my brother let me tell you one thing that in my country India, not even a single company is ready to take care of an laborer family. They usually hire them temporarily and thus no one will take their responsibility.

So what we can do for this? nothing? Yes may be nothing but atleast we can try to help poor people we know. we can donate lots of useless things too, for example if you're having a pack of medicines which is not even useful for you now then you can donate that medicine to someone rather than waiting for its expiry date(someone doesn't particularly means to donate medicine personally; you can donate medicines to local dispensaries, medical stores, charitable trust or NGO's).

If you don't want to donate money then you can donate food and feed poor people; always remember that GOD resides in each and everyone of us. So Help people and do anything you can do, not for someone or yourself but for 'THE ONE' GOD. 
Donate clothes, food, medicines, blood, and anything you can do But don't say that they are mentally ill; they are also humans, they are also children of GOD. Work hard and be kind.


  1. We donate warm clothing to the mens shelter near us. They appreciate anything people can do to help them out. When I am shopping in Pittsburgh at the strip district, I try to find at least one homeless person and feed them.


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