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Hunger manifests itself in different forms though generally it is associated with the hunger for food and trust me a lot of us feel hungry for other things as well. It may sound funny to you but the truth is hunger for food is only one side of the picture. There are people who are hungry for ‘flesh’ and then there are people who are hungry for money. There are also some individuals who happen to be hungry for fame as well.
hunger for anything related to selfiness

For a purely scientific mind; hunger may simply be a matter of our body communicating to our brain the need for nourishment in order to sustain itself. But hunger has an emotional dimension as well. You may have heard the term hungry for love; in reality hunger stands for deprivation of any element. If you are lacking something then hunger for that particular element is natural. Children who are orphans appear hungry for emotional attachment and love from elders. They search in vain for that love and guidance which can only come from parents. So their ‘hunger’ is very much valid and cannot be ignored just because it does not concern food.

I will revert back to earlier lines when I specifically mentioned that hunger is a signal of something lacking within us. It could be food but we cannot limit hunger only to food or nutrition. Emotional hunger is even worse to deal with than the simple hunger for food. If you are deprived of food your body will physically become weak but if you enter the state of ‘emotional hunger’ then you may end up losing control of your mind over your body and everything else.
Hunger for wealth may lead to hunger for food; sounds confusing right but it is not for people who are hungry or let’s say greedy for money can be divided into two broad categories; One who is rich but still crave wealth and the second who does not have money but desire it to an unnatural extent. The former are more likely to cause ‘hunger for food’ for they are those people who in spite of being rich do not wish to help other human beings. 
They wish to spend 1000 bucks on a dress rather feeding 10 hungry mouths for a day. They keep their wealth close to their hearts and do not lend a helping hand to anyone; I am afraid they are those who are responsible for hunger to an extent.
To fathom the entire concept of hunger and its different shades is no easy task; also to understand its effects on various quarters of the society is not easy too. Everywhere around the world hunger exists in all forms and to confine this phenomenon to a particular region will be a gross injustice. 
However when we talk about South East Asia and India in particular; hunger is abundant in all of its manifestations but the hunger for food definitely tops the list. Unfortunately we have become so inhuman that we no longer care if our neighbor is sleeping on an empty stomach or not. All we care is about our own ‘hungers’; sad but true!


  1. once upon a time I live near a place in manila called squatter area. I've been there for two weeks gladly the study we were conducting finish in two weeks. I really feel for those people who sleep with hungry stomach, So i convinced my my mates to let them wash our clothes and we can give them money, they were happy and I am happy that we were able to help but what gets me is that once we gave them the money they would go straight to the store to buy some booze... they would ask all the neighbors to feast with them only to be broke again the next morning. I try to tell them to save a little but they say it's their money... All I'm saying is that sometimes the reason why somehow they feel no body cares is their own doing.

  2. You have brought up some great points. Especially when you mention spending $1000 on a dress instead of $10 to feed someone who is hungry.

  3. You definitely put things in perspective. I have never spent that kind of money on clothing, shoes or purses.

  4. This is a great reminder to be thankful for what we have and to help others when we can.

  5. I guess we are all hungry for something. We need to once in awhile stop along the way to help others.

    I am trying to think what I am hungry for right now, not fame, not food since I just ate... Right now, I am at a loss.


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