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Kenya Attack: Will it Lead to the End of Humanity?

Kenya Attack: Will it Lead to the End of Humanity?

Terror attacks have been hitting Kenya for a few years now due to militant groups who want to pursue the spread of radical Islam across the region. The group who has been doing these attacks aims to do some more high profile attacks in the region in order to draw attention to them and their vision as well as generate headlines.

These attacks have resulted in numerous deaths of innocent people. The lives taken during these attacks served as sacrifices for the group’s main aim, which is to establish an Islamist government. These militants, although considered small due to their lack of financial and popular support and incapability to withstand direct fights against African Union Forces yet they are a big threat considering that the bombings are being more common and more lives are being at risk.

Al-Shabaab directly translates to “Movement of Striving Youth” is a cell based in Somalia of the militant Islamist group al-Qaeda. This organization is composed of many foreigners especially in the leadership ranks.

The group has been claiming responsibility of some terrorist attacks, with the major ones years apart. Experts suggest that this may be because the organization still lacks support, especially in the financial aspect in order to carry out high profile and massive bombings with short time intervals.
Recent Attacks: Westgate Shopping Mall Attack, Grenade Attack on Bus

These attacks have caused the inquiries on whether terrorist attacks will be the cause of the end of humanity. Such militant group whose goals and objectives are not in line with the others cause ruckus and the chaos that ends up in bloodshed and lost of innocent lives. Their extreme ways of fighting for their movement wherein they end up sacrificing even their own lives is a manifestation of how severe their want for an Islamist government is affecting people’s lives. Even people who are unaware of them and are merely watching World Cup matches have lost lives in their process of fighting for their beliefs.

Their collaboration with other terrorist groups and even pirates have strengthened their forces, giving them more chances of conducting major bombings, hostage takings and torture. Their want to institutionalize radical Islam has caused social disorder that has affected the lives of people, young and old alike. Normal lives cannot be experienced by children who are under the constant threat of being killed or being abducted. Normal things experienced by people from other countries are not experienced by some people who live their lives in fear of being dead the next day.
Symbol of concern, sympathy, and community spirit

These attacks in Kenya are trying to be controlled as much as possible by other countries especially the United States. They help Kenya in addressing this issue and in fighting these militant groups. Though the problem regarding terrorists is yet to be solved, it is not enough to conclude that their constant attacks will lead to the destruction of humanity. The indication that they are considerably weak should be taken into account and should be used to the advantage of anti-terrorist groups in wiping these groups out completely. The fight is still ongoing and is nowhere near the losing end. 


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