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How to Deal with Writer’s Block?


You've probably heard this phrase “once a speaker always a speaker.” Well, this phrase perfectly fits with almost every profession except writing. Yes, you read that correctly. Once you stop writing, you develop a block in your mind which hinders your ability to write again consistently. Once you stop writing you construct a barrier called “Writer’s Block.” 

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The common causes of writer’s block are psychological vulnerability, emotional setbacks and financial instability. There are tons of writers/authors step out because there is less money and more time investment in this job. A well written and researched copy can take more than 2 days to craft. Those who want to come back to writing again struggle with writer's block. However, the good news is there is always a gleam of hope; there are chances that you will become a better writer than before. But, it requires some effort to overcome the writer’s block.

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So, what's the best way to deal with writer's block? There are many methods that you can try and one of the most effective of them is freewriting. It has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but can excite the creative juices. Freewriting gives you the flow you need to get back on track and allows you to notice things you might otherwise overlook.. For instance, you have eaten cake tons of times, but have you ever considered the experience of eating a piece of cake? Describe the texture, creaminess and sweetness. Write down your own experience as a free write; write in chunks. Nevertheless, if you struggle with the ideas, then there are numerous sites related to freewrite ideas. It is a sort of warm up exercise for a writer struggling with the writer’s block. 

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One of the most common troubles in creating a copy is the pressure of crafting a perfect copy. So do not take pressure and just practice with freewrites.There is no need to take burden of any kind or listen to the voice of doubt. Just go ahead and start writing whatever you feel to write; it’s all about experiencing that topic. Create a freewrite copy and take a break. Go for a walk or listen to music. Come back and start writing another one. Don’t improve the freewrite in the initial stage. You need to consider it as an exercise because this is what freewrites are meant to be. Just write small copies with different topics and ideas. 

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Freewrites are the perfect solution to overcome writer’s block. Apart from this, one can try meditation as it is an ideal mind exercise. So go ahead and do it; you'll soon find yourself with the drive and motivation to write on a daily basis.


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