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When I started writing on this topic I incidentally typed 10 money rips off for freelancers. This of course was neither my intention nor my topic; I have been a full time freelancer for quite a considerable period of time and have no regrets. But if you are a new entrant to this challenging and rewarding world of freelancing; managing your financial resources can prove a little tricky at times. Below I have listed a few tips that are based on my observations and experiences as well as of those who have been in this arena for a long time; so guys take a look:
Money management tips

Tip no 1: Freelancers do not get a steady pay check each month so the most important lesson for them is to save for the rainy day, especially if you are a new comer.

Tip no 2: it is closely related to the first tip; from my own experience an ideal scenario would save 50% of your earnings for freelance work for you never know when you will be employed as a freelancer and when not.

Tip no 3: Every freelancer has some steady long term clients who are placing orders or hiring you on a regular basis. These are your most important customers; therefore it is ideal if you can use the earnings generated from them to spend on your primary needs.
Tip no 4: do not try to invest your earnings at an early stage in the promotion or acquiring tools of the trade in the beginning period of your freelance career. The reason is simple; you have yet to build a list of long term regular clients on which you can rely so wait a little and build your reputation with your work.
Tip no 5: if you are wise enough and have spent at least 6 months working as a freelancer then it is right time for you to invest in other online or freelancing opportunities. But do not place all your eggs in one basket! Diversify with care and invest diligently.
Tip no 6: Self learning is the best tool for any freelancer; avoid wasting your money on products that claim to make you rich within a fortnight. Your experience will give you the true picture of what exactly freelancing is all about.
Tip no 7: Never join web sites that require you pay up front as registration charges. It is true that some reliable websites like elancedotcom also require you to pay but they also have a free option with limited features explore it first then move on.
Tip no 8: Freelancing actually does not require a huge investment; all you need is a laptop and a reliable internet connection; so avoid spending on things like writing desks or laser printers or graphic software. Begin with zero investment and then move on to add comfort and speed to your work.
Tip 9: Time is money when it comes to freelance work therefore try to optimize your performance by spending less time at a task without compromising the quality of work. This will reduce your costs in terms of internet or power bills due to the power consumption of your PC.
Tip 10: Last but not the least; make a dollar last. In the initial period of your freelancing career do not over spend; create a budget and spend within the constraints set up by you till you have regular work pouring in from steady clients.


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