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Once upon a time there oops! Sorry I began quite incorrectly; I had no intention of narrating a fairy tale. On the contrary my years of experience as a freelancer have made me some sort of expert on the subject. Now you can justifiably say that I am blowing my own trumpet unless I can tell you some secrets of the trade. Fortunately I am aware of some useful tips that can help freelancers whether they are secret or not; I will leave that to your good judgment. Often it happens that we have things within our sight but fail to see them. Ok enough of hanky-panky and let’s get you started
Practical Tips For Freelancers
Now common sense it seems is not so common these days. If you have decided to be a freelancer then you will have to employ some common sense. It is a well known fact that freelancers are more concentrated on websites in finding tasks for themselves that can fill their pockets. But a good freelancer will definitely filter out and choose only those websites that are popular with the employers and has a good traffic. So put up your profile and services on reliable websites only. Do not waste time on those websites who are not in business for long and have potentially low traffic.
People and freelancers in general tend to get greedy and want to take a big leap; this is a wrong course of action. You must start with small tasks and then build up your online profile as a freelancer. Remember slow and steady does wins the race. So sell your services at websites which are neither too big like nor too small to be labeled as scams. ‘Gigs’ websites like or are excellent choices for starters.
Now freelancers in general tend to be jack of all trades but in my opinion there is definitely one area where we excel. So if you know content writing, graphic designing, Java script, academic essay writing or website designing; then first decide on the arena where you are definitely the best and start by selling those services as a freelancer first. If you are best in graphic designing then sell those services first so that your reputation precedes you when it comes to offering other services as a freelancer too.
You have to ‘sell’ yourself. Though I am not implying that you are actually selling your body and soul; but definitely you are selling your services therefore you will need to employ a ‘sales pitch’ too. Describe what you can do in the best possible manner without using cumbersome words and be honest in your approach. Do not attempt to be ‘fluffy’ or describe your skills with phrases like ‘I am the best’.
Remember that feedback for your previous work is important so as a freelancer try to get as much feedback as you can from your clients. Do not worry about the negative or positive; the negative will help you improve and positive will build up your profile.
I certainly hope these tips can help you in your freelancing career; do not give up and keep going!


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