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India suffers from Gender bias on a large scale; I am an Indian and a proud one too but my pride cannot conceal or overlook the weaknesses of my own society. It is true that 50 years ago in India the bias was greater than even today and we have been successful or lucky in perhaps reducing the levels to some extent but the ‘flaws’ still exist. We can close our eyes but that won’t make the truth fade away!

There are two dimensions of this ugly phenomenon; one involves the domestic life and the other revolves around the professional life. Interestingly when it comes to India the society is gender biased in favor of men within both dimensions. Let me take you on a ‘joy ride’ in the first arena initially; the domestic life. Indian men are allowed the ‘freedom’ to make decisions on all minor or major issues of daily life. 
From children’s choice of education, career or even clothes; the consent of the male is essential. If the women of the house want to go for shopping or visit their own parent’s home or even drop in at a ‘friend’s house; it is a must that prior permission is sought from the male head or dominant male figure in the household. 
The trivial matters or significant issues both require due male consent and approval before decisions are made. The way society thinks and addresses these acts are more peculiar than one could imagine. If a male stays out till later he is allowed since he is a man but if a woman let her be his sister or wife than she is ‘immoral’ and ‘indecent’. The Indian society is ready to provide justifications for all ‘male actions’ and quick to malign the ‘female’s conduct’. What a blessed way to conduct ‘affairs’ in my society.

This ugly phenomenon does not merely end up with the domestic issues. If luckily a woman is able to enter professional life and earn her livelihood than again the balance is tilted in the favor of men. Sexual harassment is often meted out to her if she happens to be good looking or well dressed or even simply friendly to her male colleagues. 
A quick judgment is bestowed upon her as ‘easy’ or ‘she must have done something to elicit such a conduct by the male co-worker or boss. Even if such cases manage to be reported the management of companies run majorly by men tends to favor their own gender and ignore the pleas of their female counterpart. Even if she does not face any harassment, there are other issues in plentiful to make her professional life miserable as well. If times come for promotions; the male counterparts are always favored for men believe that taking orders or working under a woman is beyond their so called ‘honor’. 

When she returns to her home after a late shift or working extra hours the ‘glances’ from neighbors and even family members suggest that her conduct is dubious. Her morality is questioned and she stands no longer as ‘pious’. On the contrary if a man is coming late we all would hear the same people whom I would call ‘observers’ chanting ‘oh what a hard working devoted man’. 
Gender biased society

Our society is plagued by this gender bias and the only way to get rid of this pestilence is by denouncing these ‘double standards’ and striving to change the mindset of our society with respect to women both in domestic as well as professional chapters of our lives.


  1. Must read article... one like from my side :D

  2. I'm glad that somehow in the philippines gender equality is a bit moving forward, but there was once a philippines that the male dominates everything thus the same thinking.

    I guess the younger generation are slowly breaking the barrier of change, it will soon change I have some indian GF and they are already speaking their minds and doing what they think is right.

    let us hope for the better :)

  3. I'm sorry but I don't think I could live there. Seriously asking for permission to go some where from a man? I mean America has its problems but I think I would rather deal with them.

  4. It's sad that things are still so gender bias and even going to see your friends and parents can sometimes still need permission.

  5. You are so right it is time for change.

  6. Very well written and thought out article. I hope that one of these days-soon-the women in your society will stand up and denounce these practices-it will not be easy but well worth it!

  7. Very well written! I agree gender bias is an issue in today's society...even if a lot of people choose to ignore it as one.

  8. I have read and heard stories about how difficult it is for women in India. I pray that things get better quickly.

  9. I find this to be hard to read. I guess as an American I am used to so many things that other people are not used to. I dated an man from an Arabic country for a while and had to end the relationship because of stories like you just told.

    I hope that things will change soon.

  10. I always learn so much from reading your blog posts. Thanks!


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