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Why women are getting raped daily in India

Why women are getting raped daily in India?

Rape cases in India

Today I am going to write about a very sensitive issue, "rape.” I am starting with the definition of rape: rape is a crime in which one sex forces the opposite sex to engage in sexual activity without permission, against their emotional values and torture them, which includes physical violence and sometimes murder also. Maybe Wikipedia can define rape more deeply with imperative worldwide statistics.
I am writing this article about rape because I read this daily in newspapers, watch it on the daily news. Girls get raped almost daily and these cases are increasing day by day. After the Delhi gang rape case, I thought things would change because of the protest youngsters were doing. I was pretty much impressed by the youth of India that they were concerned about that girl. I am not saying that they are not concerned now; every responsible citizen of India is doing his best but still these things are happening.

Sick Mentality

According to me, rapists are criminal and they are mentally sick (may be their mind is not properly developed), as they don't feel guilty after committing such a horrific crime. What I have observed from most of the men is almost 60%  of them use to think that rape happens due to the way a woman dresses, and by wearing short dresses women are “asking for it.” If this statement is true, then why men are not getting raped after wearing shorts and briefs? I mean, how are women controlling themselves? This theory doesn’t solely apply to women, does it?

Women freedom

Women Freedom in India
Women are getting raped due to a man’s mentality, not because of their clothes or by going to late-night parties. If a boy can party at night or if a boy can roam around then why not women? All this is happening because of the sick mentality of a few men, and for this act you can't blame women. For ages, there has always been discrimination between male and female (gender inequality). We used to say, in our society, that we are now developing, but the reality is that we are not heading towards the development from the gender perspective. Women are not independent in this country and they face huge security issues every day. How safe do you think your sister, mother, or wife is when they go outside? Can a woman travel safely in these conditions? Especially at night; no matter if they are alone or with a friend, they are not safe in any situation and it is a terrible thing which needs our consideration; we need to worry about it.


Right now, I am thinking how foreigners will allow their kids after reading about the recent rapes happening in India. India is famous for its vibrant culture and traditions, and our economy is also flourishing due to tourism, but I think now they all will think twice before visiting India and it is a shame for all of us.


I have seen on the television someone from ministry commenting about rape cases, and he said that "villagers or uneducated people are the only ones who are raping women and educated people do not attempt rape." I don’t know whether to laugh about his comments or to feel sorry about his misinformation. I have never heard that a college degree holder can not rape a girl. This disgusting act cannot be prevented by education only. I've seen many educated people with that sick mentality and sexual harassment in the workplace is an example of it.

Female Infanticide in India and Other Concerns

Rape is not the only crime being perpetrated against girls, there are many more things to worry about: girl babies are being killed before or after birth, girls are less educated in villages, child marriage is also common in villages. The issues are endless, and the population of girls as compared to boys is much less in India. Dowry is the main reason behind the smaller population of girls, as middle class families prefer to have a boy rather than a girl due to huge expenses spent on our marriages. So who can change these things? Government? No!! Only we can change these things. Stop spending huge amounts of money on marriages, stop giving dowry; there are many things we can do without a protest.

Make them Feel Secure: Do Something

Just imagine, if you are standing in a metro station and a group of girls are staring at you vulgarly or commenting on your body, then how would you feel? You will feel very bad and shameful, but this will surely tell you how women feel when they go outside. Think before you do anything filthy to someone and feel yourself in their situation. Our tradition is to take care of women, not to treat them as an object. Respect women and do every possible thing to change others’ minds. Remember that your efforts will be seen in our next generation. Let us make this globe more beautiful; without a woman, nothing will be good. We are incomplete without each other.

Bottom Line

 I am not saying that you should give more priority to women (say no to feminism, and say yes to gender equality), just respect them equally as you respect your male friends. We all are humans and we incorporate the same mental structure: we both get hurt emotionally and physically, we should respect each other. My parents are different by their nature, but they both respect each other and they are not perfect without each other. We need each other’s support; physically and mentally. God created us to help each other, to support each other, not to disrespect; if a guy is strong physically then a woman is strong mentally. It is a balance created by god and nobody should discriminate. Please start thinking wisely and give respect to women. If you find someone is misbehaving  with a woman, then go ahead and stop him, or call the police. Things will never change just by protesting or blaming the government. The only thing which needs to be changed is our mentality: Mindset and the perspective.


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