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Rheumatoid arthritis

What is rheumatoid Arthritis?
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis, ok so this is my first post in this Blog and I am going to write about rheumatoid family. Yes, it is a family who lives in the body of patient suffering from RA. They increase their population in the patient’s joints and bones, they spread inflammation in whole body which tends to increase acute pain and deformation of joints. Doctors mostly call rheumatoid arthritis as a disease with chronic inflammatory disorder but I think this is more than a disease because it has no cure. Yes no cure at all, in this century we have a cure for cancer but this one has no permanent cure. But many patients and their families fight with these situations daily. Why I am writing this in Because it is related to me and my family. So I am going to share my experience and provide you some useful information about rheumatoid arthritis.

My mother is fighting with rheumatoid arthritis from year 1996, RA was diagnosed through some blood tests but unfortunately she didn’t find any Rheumatologist (wow, even MS Word and Blogger suggesting spellcheck as the word "Rheumatologist" is not yet recognized by them {Red Underline is really irking}; anyways, I have clicked "Add to Dictionary")  at that time. There were no internet available to her from where she could know about this kind of arthritis. She then consulted with an orthopedic surgeon and he suggested her to get a knee replacement but she was scared of surgery as at that time knee replacement was not so successful. She thought she can handle this situation, let me tell you that RA is a very different kind of arthritis; sometimes you feel acute pain and sometimes you can walk and do daily activities without any pain. She then started walking with a stick, she used to do a lot of work until it became unbearable. I am not going to explain each and every thing about pain because I cannot imagine this acute pain. She is the one who only know about this acute pain and suffering. I can feel a little of that screaming only and it is horrible. She had both hip replaced past year and one knee fusion, she is still recovering from those surgeries. Thanks to her Rheumatologist who is helping her with medications and providing support.

Rheumatoid x-ray

If you are just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis then don’t delay your treatment. Approach to a Rheumatologist and get to know about precautions, medications, and treatments. No one in this world can help you better than a Rheumatologist, so don’t be late! Consult a specialist before deforming your joints. There are lots of scam sites and products online claiming to cure this disorder. As I said earlier it has no cure, so these sites and their products are completely fake; swindling people. Only a specialist can treat you; he or she is the only one who can help you control this kind of arthritis and deformity. Osteoporosis can also occur if delayed. If you are new to this arthritis then don’t worry you can easily control your disorder by simply following medications. Medicines mainly Disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARD) can help your immune system by restricting inflammation and pain. DMARD can only be prescribed by a Rheumatologist so please don’t start these medications without consulting  a doctor. 

Are you suffering from RA? Or could this be rheumatoid arthritis? Yes it is a same question and complicated too!!
Rheumatoid arthritis can occur at any age and there are no proper symptoms of this kind of disorder. It is not easy to diagnose RA simply by a single test; there are many factors like X-rays, tests; however, you can also search on the internet for symptoms but only a Rheumatologist can diagnose it properly. If you are feeling stiffness in the bones, hands, or pain in joints on any part of the body then you must rush to a specialist. Stop smoking or drinking alcohol if you are just diagnosed with RA because it can lead to more pain and your joints will deform swiftly. It is regarded in some researches that smoking excessively can cause rheumatoid arthritis or any other kind of arthritis so stop it now before its too late. There are no proper causes of rheumatoid Arthritis; it can be genetic, it can be due to deficiency of vitamin D, or it can be anything because it is an autoimmune disease.  

Things to do:

      ·         Consult a Rheumatologist
·         Search on the internet
·         Take proper medication ( chemical, biological, Or anyway as suggested by rheumatologist)
·         Be positive
·         Join some social networking sites and blogs related to rheumatoid arthritis
·         Physiotherapy
Exercise- Physiotherapy
      Above are the points that you should definitely do for your own good. An RA specialist will help you in controlling your arthritis, Internet will help you gain useful information, medications will help your Immune system, being positive will definitely lead you to set your mind, with joining social networking sites and blogs related to RA; one can get in touch With other people fighting with same things and people with the same Situation, physiotherapy is also a very important and crucial factor in any kind of Arthritis; exercises are always helpful to be fit and to avoid deformity, However it would not work without consulting a specialist.
      Many Ayurvedic centers in India are claiming that they can Cure RA with Ayurvedic therapy; by some hot oil massage on head or toes. This Is all bullshit guys, so please don’t believe them as they are here in the market just to get money from your pocket. Health care is a business and we all know that so be aware of your disease or your problem by some serious tests and search for that particular disease or disorder specialist. Please don’t go anywhere else if you want to get cured. One more thing; I think the same for homeopathy too. Arthritis is spreading very fast worldwide and these creepy swindlers are making a lot of money by fooling people and playing with their emotions.

Be practical always and live a life of a survivor. You are not the only person who is struggling with the pain of RA, but you can be the person who cured faster. So this is it friends! I don’t think I should write more in this article but may be in the future. Please Feel free to comment, tweet, share, +1, and Thank you for reading.


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