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Where we have failed as a society? We must protect the freedom of women.

Where We have failed as a society? We must protect the freedom of women.

Criminal offenses against females aren’t restricted to rape attacks; there are millions of cases currently pending in our courts like abuse by a husband or other family members, dowry, child abuse, kidnappings,  selling women into prostitution,and more--How cruel can society be? We need to do something to ensure the security of women, something for the victims; don't you think we can do anything we want to do. Women in India just need positive support,  a trustworthy hand from our society. Those criminals are kidnapping teenage girls and selling them to brothels around the country. They force these young girls to have sex with random people (read clients) or they will not feed them. This is happening to kids as well; children are not even capable to indulge in such activities. Child prostitution is not only common in India, it is a filthy reality which is happening worldwide. It's like a real hell around us and we are responsible for these things because we are unwittingly promoting brothels and prostitution.

 No Other Option

We serve dowry on our marriages just to make our in-laws happy, but despite of treating your daughter like a princess, they treat her like a servant; we are the ones who promote selfishness, and 80% of these girls are suffering from depression. Some girls can't quit because they are not educated and their parents will never accept them only because they are "Paraya Dhan" or due to fear of society.

Stop Discrimination, Let them Fly

We discriminate against girls, and this is the biggest problem; we need to allow girls to go to colleges, we need to educate them so that they can live an independent life. The money you are going to spend on her marriage, spend on her education. Let them live their life independently and more securely; we fast in Navratri (9 days of fasting) just to impress Malta-rani (god of power) but we forget that our god is also a female, so how can we treat other females like this? I know many urban areas are advancing and girls score even more than boys, but things are worse in most of the villages.

 Discrimination against girls is going beyond the level of insanity; many people have killed their girl child even before birth. Gender determining ultrasound is banned in India, but these abortions are proof that these things are still happening silently. Please protect women and their freedom, learn to treat everyone as a human being, keep motivating our women and supporting them. There are many things that we can discuss here but those things might change the center of this particular topic.We have failed as a society now, but we can build a caring and responsible society.

Women are sent by god as angels to maintain the balance of life, we should protect their freedom.


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