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How can I be happy


Being happy is easier than you actually think. All you need is a little focus and effort on your part. Happiness leads to health and below I am listing a few simple but effective tips that can keep you happy.
Tips to Keep You Happy

  1. Try to wake up early in the morning and have a light walk barefoot on grass; you will find that it soothes your mind and relaxes your body. The whole day ahead of you will go smoothly.
  2. Stop being a pessimist. The glass of water is half full or half empty, both statements are true, but you need to remember that it is half full. That is optimism and it goes a long way in keeping a person happy.
  3. Do not worry about other people’s remarks on your personality. Be self assured, remember some people feel happy by making others miserable and when you do feel miserable about something they said; they are ecstatic. So focus on keeping yourself happy and not them.
  4. Don't be the angry man or woman of your household. Anger eats away your happiness. If you are feeling angry about something, for a moment, detach yourself from that situation or person. You may feel more relaxed and can take an objective view of the entire situation.
  5. Try not to be a perfectionist, remember being human means capable of making mistakes. The creator is the only one that can never be wrong. If you worry about your mistakes or want everything to be perfect, you are trying the impossible. Do your tasks diligently and be happy about the results. If there are any shortcomings, learn from them and try to avoid them in the future.
  6. Always try to enjoy the little things in life. The scent of a flower, the smile of a child, the sound of the rain and the feel of wind in your face are free of cost but they can really make you happy. The key is to enjoy whatever comes your way; especially the little things can go a long way in keeping you happy.
  7. Enjoy the present, cherish the past and do not worry about the future is probably the best tip to keep you happy. Remember what has happened cannot be changed and what may happen in the future cannot be controlled. Worrying about these things will only ruin your happiness and achieve no other end.

Follow these tips and I hope happiness will never be away from you.


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