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Harmful Dietary supplements and fake claims

Dietary supplements and their fake claims

The pharmaceutical industry is now becoming more and more complex, complicated, and tricky due to the competition. Let me start with dietary supplements, you need to know that dietary supplement is an option or choice to support a meal; a food supplement that can provide vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, nutrients. Food supplements are beneficial for those who miss their diet and are not able to consume above mentioned nutrients. So basically they are good to consume, but they cannot cure any disease. They might rectify some kind of deficiency, but not the disease.

Fake dietary supplements

Now you know the definition of food supplements so let me quickly jump onto our main topic about their fake claims. Many  Distributors, manufacturers, sellers, promoters, and members (chain club) are promoting their supplements as a medicine which can cure your pimples or can increase your height. Some products are good, but they are not necessary to be included in our daily diet and some of those products are highly dangerous as per their properties. They might be harmful to consume as they are not prescribed by a physician. There are many fake dietary supplements brands that are available worldwide and choosing the right supplement is difficult. FDA (food and drug administration) has released a message on their page regarding fraud  products and their fake claims. You can read that page properly for more information.
Here is the link  

Many pharmaceutical companies are including steroids, metal debris, and pesticides in their dietary supplements and due to these inclusions, many patients feel much more active after consuming those products, but the truth is different; Steroids and other relative products are highly addictive and harmful for a human body. Sexual enhancement, weight gain and weight loss products are common fake products worldwide. For instance, ginkgo biloba is a natural herb or a tree native to China and it is a traditional medicine; however, it is incorporated with strong side effects such as blood circulation problem, nausea, bleeding etc. it Is strongly restricted to pregnant women. Risky products cannot be labeled or considered as a medicine and a certified physician will never prescribe these kinds of products. Generally, these companies sell their products by formal marketing or a "man to man" marketing plan which usually include membership in their company. Members promote those products just to get a cheque from that company or to earn money and many members are highly ambitious to become rich very soon by company’s fake strategy. How do I know this? Because I have seen many people doing such businesses and I am sure you might also have seen some.

Before you purchase a supplement

  • Consult with your doctor about your physical performance and ask him about any dietary supplement.
  • Send a sample of that supplement to a nearby lab for testing the ingredients included  in the supplement {I am sure the lab test cost will be very less and affordable as compared to the product’s cost.}
  • Subscribe to the FDA feed for latest news about medicines and food supplements.
  • Please investigate all factors and then purchase.

Bottom Line

You might have seen many dietary supplement sellers with a tremendous amount of claims for a particular cure of a disease. Do not get swindled with those fake claims; think before you make a purchase. This article is not related to any particular company or business. This is just my own opinion regarding some dietary supplements. This article is not intended to discourage any business or person.


  1. Really thanks for sharing and give a interesting ideas. Wonderful ideas in the post.suplementos alimentares

  2. There are so many out there from companies we've never heard of. I tend to stick with those from USA-based companies with FDA certification.

  3. I think that it is important to remember that your best source of nutrients come from what you consume. I have heard positive stories about supplements and negative ones. Glad you shared this information!

  4. It's scary that they can make these claims. People need to be careful.

  5. I really try to stay away from any kinds of supplements. I take prenatal vitamins but thats it.

  6. So important to understand what you are taking and do some research. It really is crazy what can be sold in stores sometimes.

  7. It's not something to tangle with, that's for sure. It's so important to be careful.

  8. Interesting information, but how do you even find a lab to send out to? And what kind of cost is involved? This definitely gives me something to think about.

    1. lab testing costs are usually less or free; consumer test and nsf can help in knowing what is in your supplement.

  9. What a sad and frightening revelation. I've heard of some products with awful additives but, hopefully, I don't think it's industry-wide.


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